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The Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine is now in partnership with Queen Margaret University (QMU), Edinburgh for its MSc Musculoskeletal Medicine programme, which began in September 2018.

The MSc Musculoskeletal Medicine is led by Acting Programme Leader, Dr Elaine Atkins and offers a flexible part-time, clinically orientated programme.

This MSc will interest physiotherapists and medical practitioners who wish to extend their personal and professional skills to improve treatment outcomes in the management of musculoskeletal disorders. The flexibility of the overall pathway supports continuing professional development of practitioners at all stages of their development in musculoskeletal practice.

If you are interested in the MSc please complete the enquiry form below or email for more information about how to enrol.

Why enrol on the MSc Musculoskeletal Medicine?

A fresh challenge
If you are considering a Masters in Musculoskeletal Medicine, SOMM can offer you the best resources available with a course validated by the premium Queen Margaret University and accredited by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP). If you have completed your foundation course in musculoskeletal medicine and the requirements for the full SOMM Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine then the MSc can offer you a fresh challenge and an enhanced career.

The MSc Musculoskeletal Medicine programme is classified as a part time, blended learning programme, although most modules do require some compulsory attendance. It will enhance knowledge and skills and aims to empower students to develop their abilities.


Learn and develop
SOMM provides the opportunity for experienced physiotherapists and medical practitioners to develop clinical, research and other relevant skills to extend their qualification in musculoskeletal medicine. You will have the opportunity to explore injection therapy, advancing practice in musculoskeletal medicine, research methods and project development.

The programme enables both medical practitioners and physiotherapists to develop mastery in the application and integration of musculoskeletal medicine into their clinical practice and to enhance the level of patient care, particularly in the field of musculoskeletal medicine and therapy.

5 reasons to join:

1. Flexibility
Our MSc is in a modular format, which is highly flexible in terms of time and cost, especially if you are a busy clinician and parent, as it means your commitment to obtain an MSc can be spread over time.

2. Variety of Modules
SOMM provides various modules to suit your own clinical interest and learning needs. They are all highly clinically relevant, which enables you to link theory to practice.

3. Flexible Payment Scheme
The fees for your MSc can be paid in full or via instalments if you wish to spread the payment.

4. Support Network
You will be allocated an academic supervisor and a clinical advisor, to support and guide you through your MSc journey.

5. Qualified Experience
Many of our teaching tutors obtained their MSc with SOMM. All are currently working in clinical practice, so offer a wealth of practical experience.

MSc Enquiry Form

Enquire about or apply for our MSc Musculoskeletal Medicine online. Please ensure you have checked all the course information carefully.


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