The Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine teaches a practical system of examination, diagnosis and treatment for a wide variety of musculoskeletal disorders that enables doctors and physiotherapists to improve their accuracy and effectiveness in managing these conditions. This can lead to improved care resulting in quicker recovery, reduced chronicity, enhanced job satisfaction and happier patients! More

Here are 10 reasons to choose our courses

  1. Highly respected courses that provide a pathway to extend and advance clinical practice 
  2. Very practical courses with lots of time to perfect techniques
  3. Clinical and educational pathway that enables students to advance their clinical skills and gain academic recognition 
  4. High tutor/student ratio ensuring an excellent learning environment 
  5. Continually refined course material in response to student feedback 
  6. Strong theoretical basis and applied anatomy 
  7. High quality, comprehensive handbooks and workbooks
  8. Highly qualified teachers who bring a wealth of clinical experience 
  9. Addition of new modules to enable continued progression of learning
  10. Excellent support for students throughout the whole programme with online resources and access to tutors and office staff