These are quotes taken from students who have completed modules A, B and C, passed the membership examination and completed the Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine:

β€œA colleague had recently completed module A of The SOMM course and we were talking about what he had learnt. He was very enthusiastic about the teaching given and felt that it had really helped him to improve as a clinician. I immediately booked my place onto Module B and found it so beneficial and enjoyable that I booked Modules A, and then C, and passed my exam. My knowledge of functional anatomy and my palpation skills have improved immeasurably and I feel I have a much wider range of techniques available to me”
Anna 2011

β€œAs a newly qualified physiotherapist I was nervous, unconfident and anxious and, whilst working hard as an under-graduate, I did not have the experience in practical skills and the attention to detail. I have learnt lots of practical skills on the SOM courses and my assessments are now logical and structured and lead me to a clinically reasoned diagnosis and treatment plan”
Kirsten 2012