The programme is designed to provide a flexible framework within which you can create a schedule tailored to your own particular needs. The summary below illustrates our module approach: 

Accredited SOMM Diploma Course, or that of an affiliated association (including the submission of a reflective essay and personal development plan).

(60 credits - Level 7)

Entry requirement

Equivalent to UK university PG Cert


Option choice 1

(20 credits - Level 7)

Option choice 2

(20 credits - Level 7)

SOMM 1 - compulsory

Methods of Critical Enquiry in the Study of Healthcare Services

(20 credits - Level 7)



PG Dip

SOMM 5 – compulsory Dissertation

(60 credits - Level 7)



The compulsory modules are SOMM 1, Methods of Critical Enquiry in the Study of Healthcare Services; and SOMM 5, Dissertation. 

Students are also required to complete two option modules, normally prior to undertaking the research dissertation (SOMM 5)

Option Modules – take place in Liverpool and one module is self-directed study with no attendance required. You can select your options according to your own commitments and availability; there are four to choose from:

• Theory and Practice of Injection Therapy - SOMM 2;

• Advancing Practice in Musculoskeletal Medicine - SOMM 3;

• Practice Based Proposition Module - SOMM 4; and

• Special Tests in Musculoskeletal Examination – SOMM 6