Modules A, B and C provide core training that enables doctors and physiotherapists to examine, diagnose and treat the common musculoskeletal disorders accurately thereby enhancing patient care and service delivery. As well as being really useful clinically, the modules provide the starting point for an academic pathway that will help to further develop clinician skills and knowledge. On completion of these modules, the Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine is awarded. The SOMM Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine is accredited by Middlesex University and endorsed by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.


Modules A & B may be taken in either order, but both must be completed before Module C. Students passing the membership exam at the end of Module C are given full membership of the SOMM and upon submission of a reflective essay, which charts their progress through the course programme, the Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine is awarded. 

A minimum gap of four months between each course module is recommended to allow practice and assimilation of techniques. Having passed the membership exam, students are eligible to apply for the SOMM Advanced modules. 

The courses are open to both Medical Practitioners and Physiotherapists (or those with an overseas equivalent qualification) encouraging an exchange of information in a shared learning environment. Assessment is continuous and through a process of informal and formal self, peer and tutor assessment which will help develop clinical competence and confidence. 

The modules are particularly useful for:

  • Post-graduate professionals wishing to develop their clinical reasoning and practical skills in musculoskeletal management

  • Professionals at later stages of their career who wish to refresh and update their clinical skills

  • Those wishing to pursue a clinical qualification that is academically recognised

  • Those wishing to demonstrate continued professional development and progress to the more advanced modules

  • GPs considering a post as a GPwSI in musculoskeletal medicine